Wait and Pray

Obedience, it is one the the hardest things to have. It is a natural human instinct to want our way and get what we want, or what we think we want. Something my pastor always says is "Delayed obedience is disobedience." The conviction in those words has grown over time since the first time I heard them. … Continue reading Wait and Pray


Hey….Is This Thing On?

You've prayed, you seek advice, you have good intentions, you have so much excitement...and then the letdown comes.  I prayed hard for something I thought was "in the bag" and it wasn't. The whole time I have had faith in Gods plan, yet I feel like even with Him feeling so close I still feel … Continue reading Hey….Is This Thing On?

Just a Mom

Yesterday it hit me. We were leaving Colton's baseball game and I was thinking about all the "boy" things he has done and will do and how I am not just a boy mom anymore. When Leslie and I got married we knew we wanted kids, just healthy happy kids, I didn't really have a … Continue reading Just a Mom