Family Fun at Great Wolf Lodge

I can't believe summer is coming to an end. It seems like only yesterday I was packing up my room at school and getting excited about the summertime fun. This summer has been sweet with both kids home full time and we have had a lot of fun!

Last year was our first time at Great Wolf Lodge (Grapevine, TX) and we had a blast! So of course this year what better idea than to bring friends! We planned our stay a little over a month in advance and if you sign up for their emails you get an instant discount.

We decided to all stay in a suite together so our 2 older kids could entertain each other and I could help my best friend with her 2 month old. For us vacation is a time to relax and have fun and now worry so much about a budget. I've seen a lot of posts about how to save money at Great Wolf Lodge and if that's what you're looking for then awesome….us, not so much.

We ended up having a suit on the first floor , which is the same level as the water park. This made it easy with babies and strollers and not having to wait for the elevator all the time. We were a short walk from the arcade and all the other activities for kids to do when they are not swimming. We of course got the kids Paw Passes because it helps you save money on most of the souvenirs that they would want anyway, highly recommend doing that.

We had so much fun and so did the kids! Something I also recommend is a cabana, they are a little pricy but so worth it. You have a safe place to keep your belongings, all the drinks in the fridge are included (they told us to take what we didn't drink) and you have someone that will that your drink and food orders. It was a splurge but made it super easy with the 2 babies.



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