Summer Fun Indoors

I don’t know about y’all but here in Houston it is HOT! Playing outside during the day does not sound fun to me so I have had to come up with some things that we can do indoors. After perusing Pinterest for ideas we found some fun things to do. I hope you enjoy!

The first thing we did was an experiment called “Walking Water” which I found on Coffee and Crayons. We already had everything we needed so Colton was definitely excited to try it!









Colton was so excited with the outcome. It took a little time so he decided to play in his room for a bit and then when we were ready to go to Walmart to get some more supplies this is what it looked like. Such a neat little experiment that we both enjoyed.

Next up…sun catchers!ย These were super cute and really cheap. Colton loved that he could totally do it by himself also. I couldn’t find the exact ones we got online but here is an idea: Sun Catchers





I love that these came with everything you need to hang them up. We did the dolphin, turtle, and giraffe. Walmart also had all the pieces separate that you can buy. The sun catchers were a little bit bigger but I figured this was a good place to start.


Stay tuned for a few more fun summer activities later this week!



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