Hey….Is This Thing On?

You’ve prayed, you seek advice, you have good intentions, you have so much excitement…and then the letdown comes. 

I prayed hard for something I thought was “in the bag” and it wasn’t. The whole time I have had faith in Gods plan, yet I feel like even with Him feeling so close I still feel so far away. I know he’s always there, but why can’t I hear him? But I’m just going to trust and keep going. 

Next year I will be teaching PE at the new elementary school in our district, it will be my 8th year (technically). I’m excited about the new building, finally having a real gym (I had a classroom this year…yes you read that right) and a change of administration. Our new principal used to be our curriculum coach for the district so I’ve worked with him for a while. 

I feel like every year I think “it’s going to be better”, “I’m going to be a better teacher this year”…not that I’m a bad teacher lol. I am always looking to be better though, who isn’t? I went to a fun training the first week of summer and got some really great ideas for large group games. I am a little nervous because my class sizes are doubling from last year and that will be new to me. 

As a PE teacher there are so many things that I can do to help my students physically and academically. The only problem is that when you lack a budget and 100% support it’s hard. I’m looking forward to starting almost completely new this school year and I hope that my drive continues and I can really help my students blossom! Wish me luck ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy 4th everyone!! 


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