Brooklyn is 5 Months + Che.Bella.Bows

Wow y’all…it’s already May! Summer is so close I can taste it…seriously. On April 24th Brooklyn turned 5 months and I totally was going to write this post and then life got in the way. School has been busy with the end of the year and next week we have STAAR testing. Although I am a P.E. teacher I get the lovely privilage of proctoring a test of one of my 7th grade classes…yay me. All I know is that I have 14 days of school left and this mama is so ready for summer!!

I took these the other day and I can’t believe how big Brooklyn is getting. She has been sick so we have been to the doctor twice this week and she has gained 3 pounds in a month. I love that she is so chunky, Colton was never really chunky, and I am totally enjoying those thighs!

We recently started working with Che.Bella.Bows and I am so excited. Brooklyn is wearing one of their bows above and their quality and selection is wonderful. Not only is everything adorable, they also give back in a huge way to a ministry in their area that is helping to end human trafficking. As a brand new blogger I am so glad that they are willing to work with me!

Hope y’all are having a great week!


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