The Mama Blur

Ok y’all, I can’t be the only mom who feels this way. You go to bed Sunday night and then all of a sudden you wake up and it’s Thursday and your whole week has flashed by in what seems like an instant! I mean…I know I have done a lot this week, but now it all just seems a huge blur.

My list of to do’s this week was pretty long. We have been planning Colton’s 5th birthday, I had Jury Duty on Tuesday and was literally gone all day so that threw a wrench in my week. It feels like I got totally thrown off track. Wednesdays we have Kids Choir at church and I help teach, which I LOVE, but we don’t get home until almost 9 (and Colton tries to stay up till 10).

So here we are…it’s Friday (thank GOD) and I am thinking about some of the things that I didn’t get done this week…mainly cooking and cleaning. I am pretty sure Colton has had Nachos (chips and cheese) or a quesadilla every night this week. I am really not sure what my husband ate…haha! I’m so thankful that he does all the laundry or my house might really be a mess.

We have 2 baseball games this weekend and I am just going to try to enjoy the weekend. I feel like this season is going by so fast. I am not sure if it is because I have 2 kids now and evenings are filled with cooking, cleaning, baths and bed or if it is just a phase I am going through. Whatever it is, I am dubbing it “The Mama Blur”.

What are some things that help you slow down and yet still get things done that need to be done?

Thanks for reading! ~Katie


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